1920’s Red Flapper Halloween Costume

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You’ve been a longtime collector of the classics: books, cars, records-if it’s vintage, then it’s your style. It’s no surprise to us, then, that a girl like you is drawn to a classic costume that will never go out of style: the flapper!Let’s face it, you don’t have to be named “Gatsby” to throw a roaring 20s party that everyone will have everyone in town-East and West-talking. Just grab yourself a little jazz band, set out a spread of classic canap├ęs, and be willing to break all the rules for the night-also your style! This Sequin and Fringe Red Flapper Costume is so bold, so bright, so sassy, you’ll cause a hubbub everywhere you go, even if it’s just around your “estate.” For full effect, we recommend you make an entrance (even though you already live there) and arrive just a tad fashionably late to your own party in a vintage Hudson Coach-it’ll really make this classic rouge look unforgettable, right down the very last detail.And oh the details to take in! All eyes are on you tonight as your fellow flappers ooh and ahh over the rich cherry hue of this costume’s sleeveless pullover tank dress, not to mention its silver sequin accents. Meanwhile, the dropped-waist skirt feels marvelously festive for you, with its double-tiered fringe over a sequin base. Even the silver sequined headband has its own flair: a tuft of red feathers! Talk about luxury-this flapper ensemble is the real deal and you, dear, are about to become an instant classic yourself.

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