50s Car Hop Costume for Boys


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Is your son a huge fan of classic American food? Does he bounce up and down in uninhibited excitement every time you guys go to your favorite diner? There’s a lot to love about that true diner experience. Those red vinyl seat and booths look cozy in any weather, promising that comfort food you crave. What’s your son’s favorite part of that diner experience? Is it the jukebox, playing all the greatest hits of the fifties for a quarter? Or maybe he loves the milkshakes, creamy in their heavy glasses with the best part left over in the frosty metal container. Whatever his favorite part is, he’s not alone. From drive-ins to counter service, there’s nothing like good Americana food. Take the burger for instance. There’s a lot of variety out there. You can get a patty in the bean, bison, or even tuna variety pair that with the huge variety of buns out there and we may have departed from burgers to sandwiches. That’s a thin and dangerous line to cross! Put too many toppings on a bean burger and it belongs in a different section on the menu. Sure, we might be a little off topic there but we bet your son agrees with us! Anyway, if your little guy is a true blue old school food lover then he is sure to enjoy this car hop costume. Whether he’s dressing up for the school sock hop, a part in a musical, or simply as a food enthusiast for trick-or-treating this costume will make those photos totally memorable. With a crisp white uniform and an attached red striped vest and bow tie, he’ll be ready to sidle up and take some orders. Just put that jaunty cap on his head to complete the look and give him a quarter for the jukebox. He’ll be ready to shake, rattle, and roll in no time!

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