50s Darling Plus Size Costume for Women 1X 2X


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If you look back on the 50s it’s easy to think that the standard teenage night out has become much lamer than they used to be. Let’s go back and revisit the typical Friday night of these young ladies and gentlemen. Be careful now and don’t let yourself get too jealous, at least we have candy crush and Netflix these days! First, after getting dressed up with perfect hair with hair sprayed coiffed volume, pearls, and a full skirt girls would go down stairs to get picked up by their beaus. On a special occasion one of the guys with their greased back hair would borrow their Pop’s fancy car with tails and leather seats and all the guys and girls of the group would pile in together, squeezing their crinolines and suit coats in like sardines in a boat of a Caddy. First, they’d stop off in a classic diner with shiny red pleather booths and enticing chrome trim and sip on Coca Cola and milkshakes before heading off to the high school dance. Oh yeah, about those high school dances. While modern schools get about one a semester the high schools of the fifties would have up to one a week. No wonder they memorized dances like the fox trot and cha-cha! If you want a hearty dose of nostalgia for your next costumed event, this 50s darling costume might just be right up your alley. The poodle skirt in a cheerful cherry red is perfect for swinging spins, the plaid shirt with its cuffed sleeves and peter pan collar tucks into the belt, creating a sweet, swinging silhouette. You don’t have to leave all the fun to those 50s teens, simply put on your poodle skirt and start jiving. Time to bring back rocking ’round the clock.

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