60s Gogo Mod Women’s Wig-Blonde

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WARNING: TIME TRAVEL HAIR DON’TSRecent explorations into time travel have revealed astounding discoveries. Now, we’ve known for years that traveling into the past is generally only capable in an observational way. (That’s fortunate because humans can be very clumsy.)However, the temporal distortions have had a truly unexpected result on our hair! It always ends up frizzed up and often a completely different color. We show up and folks are immediately aware that we do not belong there. Due to this disastrous effect of time hopping, we had nearly given up our hopes of reliving the Disco Days… Fortunately, we realized that synthetic hair is somehow spared from the trauma! DESIGN & DETAILSThanks to our wizards of temporal designers, we can offer you this exclusive ’60s Wig styled after the blondest of Mod Disco Queens. This look as side-swept bangs, natural curls that fall to your bust, and a big bump for an authentic 1960’s look. Best yet, the high-quality construction of this wig will protect your ‘do from time paradox and normal wear and tear!DANCING FOR DECADESThanks to the lasting construction of this 1960’s Mod Wig, you’ll be able to jump back to the Disco Age and keep dancing well into the modern era twice over… and all without having to stop to style your curls!

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