A-ROAR-able Lion Costume for Girls


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Cute n’ furryShe’s cute. She’s furry. She spends all her time in a pride hunting on the great African savannah. Yup, she’s A-ROAR-able! Okay, yup, we kid a little bit, because when she’s wearing this Girl’s A-ROAR-able Lion Costume, but she won’t be passing for an actual large cat anytime soon. But, she will have the perfect lion style locked in for Halloween or for dress-up day at school!Imagine the fun she’ll have in this smartly-designed lion dress. She can pop a crown on, like we have it pictured, and rule as queen of the lions. Or, she can just put on some face paint, and have the sharpest look at her kid’s costume party. With this Made by Us costume, she’ll be set for just the kind of lion adventure she’s looking for!Design & DetailsThis Girl’s A-ROAR-able Lion Costume is indeed a Made by Us costume, designed and crafted right in our own costume studios. And that means it comes with quality and attention to detail that you’re just not going to find in a similar costume style!Designed as a hooded dress, it’s crafted with soft fleece fabric in brown and tan. The hood flips up to cover the head, and features soft-sculpted ears and a luxurious faux fur mane. The dress skirt has a layer of brown tulle for a gorgeous accent, and the dress has a plush tail for extra effect, complete with a little red bowtie attached! It comes with matching fingerless gloves trimmed with fur to complete the style, too.A friendly reminderAllow us to give you a quick reminder that, yes indeed, big cats rule in a group. So, if your little girl is teaming up with her siblings and friends, they’re going to need some lion costumes, too! We’ve got you covered for all your Halloween needs with our huge selection of costumes, including our own exclusive products. With all those costumes to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find lots of styles that will really stand out this Halloween!

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