Adult Ant Costume


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Small But MightyYou’ve spent your life sticking up for the little guy. You protect everything and everyone, from the “lowly” ant to the regal lion. You step over anthills, remove spiders humanely from your home, and even those speedy house centipedes stand a chance around you. Wow. You’re practically a saint in our book!Of course, you know that sometimes the smallest, most “unimpressive” creatures are the most amazing, if you get to know them. Like ants! Ants can lift up to 20 times their body weight (you have been going to the gym for years and can’t get even close to that, no offense). Ants are also expert foragers, expert trailblazers, and expert soldiers. They are pretty nifty little critters. But we don’t need to tell you that, do we? You’ve got your fascinating ant facts stored beneath your antennae for quick party conversation starters. And maybe you’ve even got a group of pals in matching Adult Ant Costumes ready to help you take on the buffet table!Design & DetailsYou may be thinking: why did the costume studio take so much care in crafting such a great costume for a mere ant? But that’s just the way we do it here! This exclusive ant costume got the best design, materials, and consideration, to ensure that those of you ant-lovers out there have a costume that does your favorite invertebrate justice! It’s a simple-looking black bodysuit with tons of details. Lines across the “thorax” and a puffed “abdomen” make this costume come to life, as does the headpiece with ant eyes (no ears—ants don’t have ’em) and antennae, for feeling out the fun!Picnic ProSo, go ahead and wear this cool costume anywhere you hope to raise the awareness of the awesomeness of ants. Just…you know…maybe don’t sport it at your company picnic. No one likes an unexpected guest!

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