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That Biker LifeEnough of the wrenching already! Are you sick of spending all your free time tuning up that Harley that’s been sitting in your garage for way too long? All you wanna do is hit the open road and start living that biker life. We’ll admit having a set of wheels is a pretty important first step to being a biker bro, but it’s not the only one! To really immerse yourself in the biker lifestyle, you’ll need some tough clothes that show you ride the roads. Get a taste of that life ASAP when you get this Adult Biker Vest Costume. It’s an imitation of real bike gear, obviously, but it’ll let you try out the biker lifestyle just in time for Halloween!Product DetailsThis easy to wear costume comes with a vest, cap, and tattoo sleeve. The vest is sized for men, but has a unisex cut that works for both men and women. It zips up the front and features simple lace-up side ties that make it comfy and easy to wear. It features a black faux leather finish with printed patches, including a large graphic with “Ride or Die” on the back. The tattoo sleeve slips on either arm and features printed tattoos on nude mesh fabric to instantly give you that tough “inked-up” look. How to Wear itFor an awesome example of how to accessorize this easy costume, all you gotta do is take a close look at our models pictured above. It goes without saying that you’ll want to rock a pair of jeans, but the cut and color will be up to you. Frayed denim or embellished patterns work particularly great when you’re picking a pair out of your drawer. Grab a t-shirt to wear under the vest, a white tee or Harley Davidson t-shirt works great. A chain wallet is a classic accessory for a biker, and we’ve got a costume version available to add on. With a little extra attention to detail, we’re sure you’ll be a very convincing biker dude or dudette with this Biker Vest Costume!

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