Adult Deluxe Gary Costume

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The world is full of evil doers. It seems like Dr. Brainio and Bighead cook up schemes for world domination every week, which is why the world needs a couple of young guys who aren’t afraid of getting a little down and dirty to put those evil guys in their place!Ace and Gary are the world’s greatest heroes and nothing can beat the unstoppable duo, especially when they jump into their signature Duocar, which is totally not shaped like anything other than a automobile. Yes, they’re ready to ride their way to victory, no matter how hard it is! What? They’re just two guys who love fighting crime and riding in their uniquely shaped car! You wouldn’t expect them to have one identical to others, would you!?Of course, if you want to jump in on the fun, then you can always become Gary with this licensed Saturday Night Live costume. This Adult Deluxe Gary Costume is a perfect version of the character from Robert Smigel’s animated sketches, the Ambiguously Gay Duo. It spares no detail in helping you achieve the signature look of the superhero from the show. From the light blue spandex jumpsuit, which has a snug form fit (so you can show of your rippling… muscles) to the bright printed yellow “G” on the front, you’ll definitely feel like teaming up with Ace to give evil the pounding it deserves! The matching yellow socks, belt and gloves add the finishing touch to the look. You’ll be ready to tangle with the fiercest of super villains once you have the whole ensemble on!

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