Adult Emoji Group Costume Set – 4 pieces


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Our Emoji Group Costume Set includes four of the most iconic faces in the Emoji game. 4 fan favorites everyone at the bar is going to recognize. You probably used them earlier today when talking to your mom. Your mom probably used them, incorrectly, when talking to you. Like the seven dwarves of Snow White, each emoji in this set has a unique personality that you are going to want to fight over when the time comes to decide who gets to wear which. Whether you are the cool one, the smiley one, or the love struck one, you aren’t going to want to miss out on this opportunity to bring the whole gang together for a couple nights of great fun. Includes: Smile Emoji Tunic Sunglasses Emoji Tunic Heart Eyes Emoji Tunic Wink Emoji Tunic Availability: This 4 piece Emoji Group Costume Set takes approximately 1 business day to leave the warehouse plus transit time.

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