Adult Evil Devil Mask


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While there are definitely some handsome devils out there, many demons have more of a face only a mother would love… We’re not saying they’re ugly (and please don’t tell any devils we said that) but they are just so focused on going about their evil business, it’s twisted their looks and given them perpetual “grouch-face.” Honestly, if we were in charge of a whole afterlife filled with the souls of people who don’t want to be there, we’d probably look grumpy most of the time, too.Add that devilish style to your own scary Halloween costume with this creepy Evil Devil Mask! The molded latex face mask is painted bright, fiery red, and is highly detailed to show off all of its sinister features, like the snarling expression and attached rubber horns. Wear this with a traditional cloak and pitchfork, or in a suit jacket, if you prefer to take your devilish business more seriously!

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