Adult Funny Big Nose Glasses Costume


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Height of HilarityWhen you were just 6 years old, you may have only stood about 4-feet tall, but if you walked into a room with a pair of funny nose glasses on your face you were the height of hilarity. Every on-purpose stumble and forced belch brought your siblings to their knees. The adults giggled as you told them original jokes that made little to no sense. And even now, when you look back at the only picture they ever snapped of the disguise, a chuckle raises in your chest. If we were to ask, you’d probably tell us there was nothing that could beat the humor of that old dress-up accessory. However, you may start to believe otherwise when you try out this next-level comedy costume, inspired by the classic prop.Product DetailsReturn to the times that silly glasses were enough to put your family in stitches with this Adult Funny Nose Glasses Costume! Styled after Groucho Mark’s signature stage makeup, this simple costume is sure to become a classic in your Halloween wardrobe. The costume is designed as an oversized hood in the shape of black horn-rimmed glasses and a large schnoz. Between the giant lenses, a mesh panel gives you a view of the world around you, so you won’t miss a moment of the fun. Two bushy eyebrows are attached to the top of the frames and an equally bushy toothbrush style mustache. Included plastic piping gives the headpiece a sturdy brim, so even while you’re demonstrating your knack for slapstick, your hilarious costume will hold it together.Funny FamiliarHarness your inner comedian with this Funny Nose Glasses Costume for adults! Entertain guests at a Halloween party or remind your family how much fun dress-up time used to be, in that old familiar character. All you might need to do is practice some classic vaudeville moves!

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