Adult Furry Spider Costume


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Some people are terrified by arachnids, those eight-legged critters found in dark nooks and crannies of every home. Sure, they crawl in a somewhat odd manner, they devour their prey while it struggles to free itself from a net of the spider’s own making and a few giant ones MAY have tried to eat a dwarf or two in certain fantasy stories, but they are kind of cute in their own sort of way. Some of them have furry legs, just like a fluffy kitty cat and they have big dark eyes like a cute little puppy and sometimes venom shoots out of their giant fangs! Okay…we can tell you’re not buying it. Spiders are totally creepy and so is this exclusive costume (despite how friendly of a smile that model is making in the picture).This Adult Furry Costume has a look that should give just about anyone the willies (except for arachnologists). The top has a layer of faux fur on the front, which matches the faux fur on the arms. And lets talk about those arms! The top has a set of sleeves to slip your normal arms through, but it also features two extra sets of arms that dangle down on each side. The legs also have matching faux fur on them, creating a look straight from an exterminator’s nightmare. In fact, we highly recommend staying away from any trained exterminators while wearing this creepy costume, since you might give them a dreadful fright when they see you crawling around the floor in it!

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