Adult Grand Heritage Collection Batman Costume


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This Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume is not for the weak hearted. No, this costume is for those who answer to the call of duty. Strike fear into the heart of criminals with this ultimate batman costume. Be the dark and mysterious defender of Gotham City and s total babe magnet. Christian Bale would think you stole his outfit off the set if he ever saw you in this bad boy. This ultimate Grand Heritage Collection Batman costume includes a bodysuit, armor, gauntlets, belt, cape, boot covers, and mask. This is the ultimate superhero outfit choice for any Dark Knight crime fighter. Availability: This Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume usually ships in 2-3 business days. Note: this item is not returnable. Please note: This special order item is exchangeable only if an alternate size of this item is in stock. There are no returns for this item.

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