Adult Jurassic World 2 “Blue” Velociraptor Costume


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Exotic PetsRaising pets can be difficult. You bring a little fur baby home and you’re totally in love. You cuddle for the first few hours and then there’s the first “accident”. You clean up and move on, there’s no way a mess will get in the way of your bond. The thing is, the messes get bigger and bigger as your pet does. There are the sharp teeth marks on your favorite leather jacket. What did you expect? That jacket smells like their favorite person mixed with animal skin.As you overcome the obstacles of the mess, trying to live and understand this pet of yours, little successes come to light. Your pet comes when you call as you’re out for a walk in the woods. They cock their head as you talk to them, trying to understand exactly what you’re saying. Eventually, if your “fur baby” is actually a “scale baby” like Blue, then you might realize your pet is actually smarter than you when it comes to quite a few things!Product DetailsThough this look is soft, not scaley, you’ll look right at home creeping through jungle foliage in this Blue Velociraptor jumpsuit costume. The jumpsuit has a long tail that will swing back and forth as you walk. It has a blue scale print throughout. The clawed feet will cover your shoes so your kicks don’t have to interrupt your reptile look. Securing up the back, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to become one of the smartest dinosaurs out there. Meat UpDressing up as a dinosaur will let you connect with your animal nature. You might even feel closer to your pup, Fido. To prepare for the role, tear into your steak with your hands and teeth. Crouch around your house while whipping your head around door frames. Sure, your family members might be a little uncomfortable but they’ll understand when they see how well you fill the role of Blue the Velociraptor!

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