Adult KISS Starchild Costume


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Weapon of Mass Dest-ROCK-tionStarchild is no ordinary man. He’s a riff machine of epic porportions. Put a guitar in his hands and he can shred heavy rock tunes powerful enough to cause thousands of people to dance uncontrollably. When he begins playing his solo, you can see the power of rock surging through the members of the crowd. He’s no mere mortal; he’s more like a force of nature, a weapon of mass dest-rock-tion. And now, it’s your chance to get a taste of what it feels like to be the legendary rock god. All you need is this the right costume and the will to rock the masses.Our costume designs went to great lengths to capture the spirit of Starchild’s signature stage outfit. They watched countless live performances and they listened to every Paul Stanley guitar solo they could find. They even rocked all night and partied every day! This KISS Starchild Costume is what they cooked up.Design & DetailsThis officially licensed costume comes with a jet black jumpsuit that comes with plenty of silver accents. The deep v-neck style helps for optimum rocking conditions and the silver stars on the legs help give you a stage-stealing presence. It also comes with matching black gauntlets with star designs and black fringe. The boot covers continue the look with matching silver stars on the side. Top the look off by adding one of our KISS makeup kits and you’ll be ready to take to the stage as one of the greatest guitar legends of all time.Getting the Band Back TogetherOnce you have this KISS costume, you’ll want to take to the stage! Make sure to check out our other KISS costumes to help you reunite one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time.

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