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By now, we all know that we should be treating our primate cousins with a little more respect and definitely should be avoiding any further chemical mutation experiments! A simple view of a planet of supposedly lesser primates in rule is a pretty terrifying thing. But, even without the experiments, we can watch as the amazing critters learn and adapt, ciphering out language and puzzles quicker than a number of adults that we’ve encountered. They have an astounding capacity for reason and nuanced personalities from one breed to the next.With so many different kinds of primates out there, we often engage in some serious debate over which is the true master. Humans are pretty great, of course, but they can hardly compete with a gorilla’s strength or an orangutan’s comic relief. Some might even say that the problem-solving talents of the chimpanzee exceed our own. Ultimately, though, the most popular is the mischievous and clever monkey.If either of those two descriptors nuzzled you in just the right way, you might make for a perfect candidate for a Halloween social experiment with this Adult Monkey costume. Transform yourself chemical-free with this polyester fleece jump suit that fastens in the rear with a zipper. Its brown fur keeps you monkey-cute while its lighter belly and embroidered belly button makes you squeezably adorable and the bendable tail can be positioned as you desire. Shoe covers keep you from looking too odd to the rest of the primates while a Hook and Loop fastener-fastened hood gives you perfectly scratchable ears. Poke and prod, pick up strange objects at your friends’ place. Nobody can blame you for being curious, after all! And, if you happen to exchange salt for people’s sugar, well, that won’t bring about the end of the world… or will it!?

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