Adult Power Rangers White Ranger Mask


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Resurrected Again!There’s just something about Tommy Oliver that makes us all waiting for another incarnation of the epic Power Ranger. Was it the shining new armor that made Tommy Oliver the most famous ranger out there? Was it his iconic high kicks or flowing long hair that brought him back from the green to become the White Ranger? Of course, maybe it wasn’t Tommy at all. That magical talking sword? The epic Tigerzord? The unique style of the White Ranger compared to all the other similar styles? The only way we’ll know is to bring it all back one more time. Product DetailsBring the White Ranger to life once more when you wear this officially licensed Power Rangers White Ranger Mask. This molded plastic mask fastens with an elastic band and features the smoky visor and gold and white details that you’ve come to love. Pair with a full costume or just keep the mask to hide your mysterious identity from the rest of the team. The Leader of LeadersMake sure you can hop into the role of the Power Ranger you love whenever you like when you have this Power Rangers White Ranger Mask. Of course, if you really want to bring the White Ranger to life, you can team up with other Power Rangers by looking into the rest of our costumes and masks!

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