Adult Praying Mantis Mask


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Making Franz Kafka ProudWe have some weird life goals. Seriously, don’t judge us.We’ve always wanted to make a full-length, rock opera based on Franz Kafka, famed author of The Metamorphosis. It’s about a guy who turns into a bug, much to the dismay of his family and friends. We got the crazy idea while watching a cartoon and we just can’t stop thinking about it now. We thought that we’d never be able to find a costume that displays the true bug-like nature of the character from the book, but then, we found this Praying Mantis Mask!Product DetailsThis Praying Mantis mask is one realistic mask! The mask is made of molded latex and features some pretty stunning details. The giant bug eyes and almost life-like and the little antennae on top are a nice touch! Small slits in the middle of the mask allow for vision. Just put it on your head and you’re own metamorphosis will be complete!Casual BugWhatever you decide to do while wearing this mask, one thing sure—you’ll look like one giant bug when you wear it! Pair it with a zentai suit, or just wear it with your normal clothes to be a casual bug. If you’re feeling really ambitious… you could use it to help perform a rock opera based on Franz Kafka’s writings…

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