Adult Slipknot Mick Mask


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Do you ever get the urge to pick up a guitar and perform your favorite death metal jam-but fear you might turn a few shades of red from the rush? If you’re the type who wants to stay anonymous, or at least keep a low profile, this Adult Slipknot Mick Mask will keep everyone wondering who you really are. There’s one thing we know for sure: it’s your audience that will be experiencing stage fright the moment you step up to the mic. As you know, Mick Thomson’s days of wearing a store bought hockey mask are long gone. Now his appearance is as hardcore as his music! Grab your guitar and don the Slipknot Mick Mask. Your fingers might just be compelled to play the chords to “Psychosocial.” Who knows, maybe you’ll even feel the urge to get the word “seven” inked on your left forearm next!

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