Adult Soft Snowman Costume


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This Adult Soft Snowman Costume is perfect for livening up the dreary winter months–anyone will be a jolly, happy soul wearing this. So let it snow, and bellow your most convincing “Haaaaappppy birrrthdaay” because you’re a snowman just like Frosty! Why does this beloved Christmas icon wish us a happy birthday when he appears? Is it just a bit of randomness to let us know he’s not quite all there, or is it there to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas? (Hint: It’s someone’s birthday.)On a cold winter day you might be more inclined to stay in than take the kids sledding, but everyone will be fooled into thinking you’re the real deal, a snowman come to life, when you go in this Adult Soft Snowman Costume! Well, maybe if you get a lot of snow on your face. Tell your wife that you’ve got the kids for this snow day and everyone’s gonna have a great time. And not to worry. With this costume and the right attitude, you might even find a little bit of that December magic. (Even in the summer!)This costume is adult-sized, appropriate for a sidekick for a Santa Claus (Why can’t a snow-brother get top billing? When you’re in charge, there’s no one to say he can’t!), going all-out for Christmas party, or the world’s biggest (adult) Rankin/Bass fan to don at home while they queue up ABC Family’s annual marathon. We might go Heat Miser ourselves, but to each their own!

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