Always Sunny Birds of War Costume for Adults


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Alright guys, drop a beat and get ready for the most amazing wrestling match of your life. By the way, how’s your range? If you’re going to sing along then you’ll have to hit the high notes. Ahh-aa-aa-ahh He flies through the night Ahh-aa-aa-ahh Don’t you mess with his eggs now Ahh-aa-aa-ahh Or you’ll see him fight Great song, right? We could have continued on but you get the idea. Just to make sure you know, we have both feathers and the muscles of men. Cause we’re birds of war and also men. Ok, get the concept? Cool. Product DetailsYou’ll be ready to honor the troops when you dress in this licensed Always Sunny in Philadelphia Birds of War costume. This exclusive Made-By-Us look comes with a sculpted eagle headpiece and a pair of feathery sleeves. Pair the ensemble with camo shorts and tan boots to give your costume a military twist. Afraid of entering the ring without rippin’ abs? Don’t worry about it! All you need is some brown grease paint to give people the illusion of a popping six pack even if all you’re sporting is a spare tire. With a costume this good, your night is sure to take wing! A Selfless ActIf you want to volunteer your time, there’s no better way than entertaining the troops. They might not quite understand what you’re doing for them but it’s the thought that matters, right? Sure, you don’t have any great wrestling moves but isn’t wrestling all about the back story and the amount of pomp a person takes to the stage? What could go wrong with this flawless plan? So pair up with the gang and see what happens when you get in touch with your patriotic side!

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