Always Sunny in Philadelphia Green Man Costume

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It’s the costume that started it all! The year was 2007. All it took was for Charlie Kelly to put on a green spandex suit in The Gang Gets Invincible, and everything changed. We’re talking, of course, about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And how The Green Man changed the game. For everyone!Yep. Pop culture and sports arenas have never been the same since Charlie popped on the suit and performed some, shall we say, exotic dance routines. (With the help of some extracurricular psychotropics, of course…) And now, we’re proud to present to you, for the first time, the first officially licensed It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Green Man suit!We teamed up with FX and 20th Century Fox to make this costume to the specifications that Charlie would approve of himself. And whether you’re doing your best trance induced dance moves in the McPoyles RV or even if you’re going toe-to-toe with the Philly Fanatic, when you’ve got this Green Man Suit, you’ll be able to bring some of the chaos of your favorite show to life!There are many other green zentai suits available, but this is the one that started it all. Get yourself this exclusive Always Sunny in Philadelphia Green Man Costume and get ready for the fun. “Green Man! Green Man!”

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