American Fighter Plane Costume for Kids


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You’re sitting in a dark theater full of people. The crowd hushes as the lights dim and the silver screen starts to flutter to life in the light of the projector. Across the ocean, troops are fighting on land, by sea, and most interestingly by air. It wasn’t so long ago that people learned to fly and now here you are, watching your country man take on the enemy among the clouds. With the dramatically painted planes and the complicated way they’re taking on the enemy, it’s no wonder that these films that people watched way back in the forties are still inspirational to people today! Is your kid a bit of a history buff? Is she always perking up when anything about the war to end all wars is mentioned? Is he interested in the evolution of the air force, telling the jets of today apart from the ones that are displayed at your local memorial park? For a kid with a keen interest in all things military, this costume is perfect. The plane will inspire your child’s imagination and sense of play, as they won’t be able to resist making old timey motor noises as they stretch out their wings. The costume is easy to put on, one piece completes the whole look. The hooded tunic slides on over your child’s head and then the arms simply slide through the slots in the wings. Your child will love the intimidating toothy mouth on the hood and the propeller at the top of their head. With eyes on the back of the hood and a sculpted tail on the back end, this costume is awesome from every angle. Who knows, this costume might just go down in history!

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