Anaconda Costume for Kids


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You bought the goldfish almost as soon as your kid saw it in the pet shop window. And how could you have said no when you saw that look in your child’s eyes when they were holding that little bunny? You were also onboard when that cute mutt followed your little animal lover home from school. But this time, you should have followed your instincts. You didn’t want to be close minded to the reptile kingdom, but is go big or go home the angle to take when it comes to pet snakes? Well, your child is certainly in a pickle now and how your little angel got there is a twisted tail. Annie the anaconda started out about the size of your arm, so you weren’t worried when she first took up residence in your home. Then that little bunny went missing and Annie seemed to be very satisfied and sleepy. It started to seem like her midnight snacks were catching up to her, she started to grow and grow. It wasn’t too long before you realized she was more than you could handle. In fact, she’s the one that’s handling you guys now! Grandma always said your baby looked cute enough to eat and Annie must agree. Your child has this snake wrapped around more than a little finger. Their relationship seems to be getting tighter and tighter. This is starting to be one breathtaking scene. Don’t worry, Annie is just showing her love. That being said, next time your kiddo asks for another pet, maybe you should consider getting a canary.

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