Animated Swimming Fish Scuba Adult Mask


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Most of the people we know can’t breathe in the water. (Bob from customer service claims he can, but that’s a whole other story). But what if you wanted to look like you could? This scuba-style mask uses your smartphone to create the illusion of water filling your mask and fish swimming around in it.And what’s cooler than being able to show off your skills at a party? Nothing. If you look like you can swim with the fish (in a good way) you’ll be noticed by everyone you meet.This molded latex mask covers the entire head and neck so you get a classic diver look that provides full coverage. There’s a vision slot just below where the phone pocket is so you can see clearly while your smartphone does all of the work just above your eyes. Once you get the mask, you can download a free app that shows the swimming fish. Once you pull up the screen, place the smartphone in the appropriate pocket for a funny look that is sure to get everyone’s attention this Halloween. This mask is the perfect mix between classic and contemporary.

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