Anubis the Jackal Men’s Costume


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When a pharaoh was buried in his tomb, it is said that Anubis assisted with everything. After all, he is the protector of the dead and the master of mummification. How helpful (and creepy)! Hey, you’re a guy who likes lend a hand, plus you have that weird fascination with death and recently told us you may sign up for an embalming class at the Y. May we present this offering, then, dear sir? This Men’s Anubis the Jackal Costume proves an interesting and entertaining way to be both creepy and helpful this Halloween. After all, it is your best buddy who is hosting the massive party. Anubis wouldn’t leave a soul un-ushered into the afterlife, and therefore you shouldn’t’t leave your pal high and dry. He needs help with party prep, hosting duties, and attending to the dark and decaying morning-aftermath. It’s the noble thing to do, and if you help out in this costume, you can scare the daylights out of people at the same time. As the master of mummification, you can also threaten to embalm people if they don’t use a coaster or reuse their cups. Scary! We don’t have to weigh your heart to know that this prospect makes you eerily joyful. Naturally, this Anubis costume comes with a tunic (because what ancient look didn’t feature a trendy tunic?), neck collar, arm bands and cuffs, and a belt with a hanging sash. We find the black jackal head (a rubber mask with an attached gold headdress) to be the part that makes us want to sleep with the lights on, though. We’ll definitely stay and help you take out the trash, oh terrifying one; we know the next life is kind of your thing, but we’re enjoying this one for now!

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