Apollo Creed Mask for Adults


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Do you have what it takes to go 15 rounds with the Italian Stallion? Can you take a punch from Rocky Balboa and still remain standing in the ring? Well, Apollo Creed could, because he’s one tough dude, with impeccable muscles and a manly mustache (we think it was probably the mustache that made him such a deadly contender in the ring). If you think you’re as tough as the legendary boxer, then perhaps it’s time you started looking like him. This Apollo Creed mask helps give you his signature look, including that powerful mustache.The Apollo Creed mask comes licensed from the Rocky franchise. It’s molded to look just like Carl Weathers from his performance in the films and will have you looking like a seasoned fighter in no time. Just pair this with our Apollo Creed boxing trunks to get the full effect. Or you could pair the mask up with a leftover pork chop and you’ve got a stew going!

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