Aqua Warrior Costume for Women

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We’ve often dabbled with the idea of becoming a seafaring superhero with the powers to talk to fish and control water. After all, it sounds like a pretty good gig if you’ve read any of those popular comic books. We found out in a real big hurry that in order to even step your foot into the mighty sea waters, so to speak, you’d better be packing some kind of royal lineage descended from the sunken city of Atlantis. And if you don’t already have some potent super powers, then you’d better at least be packing a heroic outfit. Perhaps we can help you with that part (the superhero costume, not the super powers)!This Aqua Warrior costume for women lets you step into the role of marine protector and fearless superhero. The sexy costume comes with a form-fitting body suit. The top has the printed design of golden fish scales on it, while the bottom portion is dark green. More gold accents and a single gold sleeve help add that regal warrior look that any woman trying to play the role of superhero wants.Just make sure to brush up on all your fighting moves, since you may have to face off against a super villain or two when you wear this outfit. You may even want to pick up one of our tridents, since it’s the only way to show those bad guys that you have the entire sea at your command. They wouldn’t dare mess with you then!

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