Aquamarine Princess Girls Costume

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Okay, let’s say a limousine pulls up in front of your house next Wednesday with a decree stating that your little one is the princess of the land. She’s destined for power. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, she seems to take that role at home anyway. What would your daughter’s first decree be once she took her throne? We’re thinking she’d replace all the boring humdrum cars with ponies and distribute kitties and puppies to all the little boys and girls of the kingdom. We think that sounds pretty awesome, to be honest. What would your little princess’s kingdom look like? Would she live in a tower overlooking a perfectly clear reflecting pool in a green meadow, frequented by rainbow unicorns and flower gathering fairies? Or, maybe she’s more of a hands-on ruler, living in the middle of a village within the palace walls. She’d love attending balls and watching jesters cartwheel in the colorful streets. Or, maybe she’d want to stay at home. She’s got everything she wants: her cartoons, her cozy blanket, and the best mom made grilled cheese sandwiches. Home is much more comfortable than any of the castles in fairy tales! Whether your little one is ruling over your family’s estate or she’s taking the throne in her own imaginary world, she’ll get into the role when she’s wearing this adorable aquamarine gown. This dress has plenty of twirl factor with layers of different shades of blue tulle. The blue bodice has a blue sequined surface with a sparkling jewel at the neckline and puffs on the sleeves. The ensemble is finished off with a tiara so as soon as those unicorns see your princess skipping through that picturesque meadow they’ll know she’s the famous aquamarine princess!

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