Athena Costume for Girls


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Hey Athena. What you got going on? Hanging out, chilling, and… being the goddess of wisdom, craft, and war? Oh cool!Yeah, it’s a tall order becoming a Greek goddess, but fortunately, you’re at the top Halloween costume spot to be found, and we can take your girl from a regular little lady to being a full-on goddess in no time. As long as you choose this girl’s Athena costume!Yeah, this costume has the real deal style that will have her looking like an ancient deity. We made this costume right here in our studios, and we wanted to make sure it was totally ready for prime time on Mt. Olympus. The other Greek gods set the bar to hit pretty high, and we definitely think this costume hits the mark! The sleek light blue chiffon dress makes the costume soft and elegant, and then the latex molded chestpiece, gauntlets, leg guards, and crown will add some instant toughness. Just add a pair of sandals or boots, and she’ll be ready for a Greek costume party. Of course, you’re only going to find this costume for sale right here on, so select this style to turn her into the coolest Athena to be found. We know. You’re welcome!

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