Attack on Titan Levi Wig for Men

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All right, in case you’ve been living under a rock on the surface of the moon, let us clue you in on who Levi Ackerman is. He’s the baddest man in the Survey Corps with a Titan kill count that’s through the roof. He’s a one-man army who can tear through an Abnormal Titan in a fierce whirlwind of steel. We got shivers when we saw him battling it out with the Female Titan. But, we couldn’t help but wonder how that man keeps his hair in such perfect condition, even while zipping through the air in his Omni-Directional Mobility Gear?Unfortunately, the physics of hair in anime just doesn’t apply to real life, so you might not be able to easily replicate Levi’s hairstyle by using your own hair, but this fully licensed Attack on Titan wig should help you get the look with no problem! Based on the Hajime Isayama character, this wig uses synthetic fibers to create the valiant soldier’s signature hairdo, so all you need to do is place it on your head to get instant Levi hair. That way, you can focus all your attention on being the best Titan-slayer the world has ever seen.

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