Authentic Supreme Edition Chewbacca Mask


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There are plenty of ways to show off your Star Wars fandom. You can make all your friends and coworkers refer to you as “Red Leader” whenever they talk to you. Or, maybe you could start speaking exclusively in Jawa, and spend your days collecting and selling scrap parts. But if you’re really hardcore, you’ve gotta break out the costumes. Dressing up as your favorite character can be a tricky prospect, though, if Chewbacca is your character of choice. Walking around in a full bodysuit of long, warm fur doesn’t always set things up for a great time (especially when you have to brush and shampoo it). Luckily, Chewie fans can simply wear this Supreme Edition Chewbacca Mask, and you can comfortably look like your favorite charming Wookie copilot. It features all the fur and teeth you’d expect from this big fuzzball, and has adjustable padding on the inside for better fitting. There are also large eye openings to see through, but if you’re a true Chewie fan, you should also be able to replace a negative power coupling, blindfolded!

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