Avengers Endgame Kids Captain America Gloves


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America’s HandsFor years, Captain America has been the symbol of traditional American values. You know, freedom, justice, and all that jazz. After all, just take a good look at his costume—it’s a healthy dose of good old fashioned! Those hands of his are doing the work of liberty when he’s using them to fight baddies like Thanos. Those are America’s hands at work.If you want your child to carry on the legacy of Captain America, then his hands will have to do the work of superheroes… and you’re going to need some pretty awesome gloves to him out. You’re going to need these costume gloves to suit your child up for superhero work!Product DetailsThese Avengers: Endgame Captain America Gloves are officially licensed from Marvel! Designed for kids, these gloves help put the finishing touch on any Cap costume. They are made out of a faux leather material and feature printed details to make them just like the ones that are in the movie.Outfit Them Like HeroIf your child is ready to fight baddies, just like Cap, then make sure to outfit them with these Captain America gloves. They’re an easy way to add an authentic touch to your child’s costume!

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