Barbie Police Officer Girl’s Costume


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FOR FUTURE CAREER WOMENBarbie is here to set the record straight— she CAN do it all! She ignores the haters and always followers her heart making her a wonderful role model for girls growing up in today’s world. Despite the opinion of some, Barbie isn’t all about shopping and going to the beach with her gang of besties. Barbie is a career woman and a proud young professional who dabbles in a little bit of everything. One week she is whipping up fine cuisine in the kitchen, perfecting her culinary skills because she wants to become an esteemed chief and the next week she’s enrolling in law school. She’s such a progressive woman and we can’t wait to see what passions she pursues next! If your little girl loves playing with Barbie, watching her movies, and reading her books, then this Barbie police officer costume makes for the perfect costume option. It will teach her that girls can do anything they put their minds to and Barbie supports this sentiment. PRODUCT DETAILS Forget glitter and layers of dainty pink tulle— this costume is strictly business and does a great job of mimicking a real police officer uniform. You’ll receive a stretchy navy blue jumpsuit with 3/4 sleeves and a black collar and cuffs. Police patches easily adhere to the jumpsuit while a foam belt fastens around the waist via a Hook and Loop fastener tab in the back. The otherwise dark costume is offset by a hot pink flashlight on the belt, matching baton, and the tie which also adheres to the collar via a Hook and Loop fastener tab. The included headband features a police badge to complete the law enforcement themed look.PULL OVER BUDDYYou better be on your best behavior while police officer Barbie is on patrol. Little girls will love enforcing the law by passing out pretend parking tickets!

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