Barney and Betty Rubble Costume Set


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This Barney and Betty Rubble Costume Set is a wonderful homage to the nice, best-buddy neighbors of the Flintstone family! Barney and Betty Rubble is a fantastic couples costume idea that lets strangers know that you and your partner are friendly, neighborly people who love a good chat. In this tunic and dress combo, people will know that you are the best listeners, kindest faces, and most interesting minds in all of Bedrock. Perfect to pair up with a Fred and Wilma costume for a Flintstones group costume set! Standard Size contains 1 Betty in Size Standard and one Barney in Size Standard; L/XL contains 1 Betty in size Large and 1 Barney in size X-Large Availability: This Barney and Betty Rubble Costume Set takes approximately 1 business day to leave the warehouse plus transit time.

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