Basic TMNT Leonardo Mask


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Mad SkillsRaph is the tough one. Don is the smart one. Mikey is the loveable party dude. Leo? He’s the one with mad ninja skills. Sure, all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have some skills, but only Leo truly has, what we like to call, “mad skills.” He’s the only turtle who can wield the Odachi sword to perform some crazy portal moves. He also has the best one-liner skills in the ninja game to boot. That’s what we call skills. Mad Skills.Product DetailsIf your child wants mad skills too, then it’s time to dress him up like his favorite Ninja Turtle with this TMNT Basic Leonardo Mask! This officially licensed mask is made out of molded plastic and is shaped into Leo’s face from the 2018 cartoon series. It even has his blue mask shaped into the front! The mask has vinyl cushioning in the face and it fits with an elastic band in back, which means it should be snug, yet comfortable, as your child performs their rad ninja skills!Quick Ninja CostumeIf you want a quick and easy costume for your child, you can pair this mask with a green t-shirt to make your child feel just like the turtle with the mad skills!

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