Batgirl T-Shirt Costume


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Na na na na na na na na- not sure we can actually write all this out. Anyway… Batgirl! Yes, everyone’s favorite female crimefighter, teaching Batman how to still look good while kicking criminal butt. We’ve always known Batgirl is the real brains in the Bat family, and also the looks (sorry, Robin). Who else brought some gender balance to the Batcave? Before her, we bet they never even bothered with a women’s restroom. Well not any more, flyboys! Besides, the boys never really pulled off the cape in the same way. Not only that, but this outfit shows off the real Batgirl! Yes, straight off the comics page. Sure, anyone can do a fancy movie-version Batgirl, if you want to be boring. But this is different. Notice the art, the style, the mask! All of it is ripped from the pages of the comic books to show off a sweet simple style. Because being Batgirl doesn’t require fancy gadgets, or an awesome Batmobile. No, being Batgirl is about what’s inside, about delivering justice no matter the odds. Sure, it helps if you’ve been training in gymnastics and self-defense for basically forever, and having a cop as a dad would certainly make you better at hunting the criminal element… Okay the lesson here is that aside from all of that (and of course having access to Batman’s vast wealth), being Batgirl is about what’s on the inside. Like guts (but not literal guts, which are also on the inside, but toughness! Grit!). That’s you, Batgirl. Take on the Bat mantle and deliver justice while looking amazing.

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