Batman Prestige Child Lego Robin Costume

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IT’S FAMILY TRIP SO GRAB YOUR COSTUME! Imagine this: Batman AKA The Dark Knight AKA Gotham’s vigilante is your dad. Feel free to spontaneously let out a shriek of excitement because this is thrilling news. The man personally responsible for keeping the Joker’s insidious plans at bay is now responsible for you and your future. SWEET! Of course, Robin AKA Dick Grayson’s overcome with joy. Robin gets his very own costume, he gets to chill in the broody, yet awesome, Bat Cave and honestly, he’s super-psyched to be alive and pumped about calling Batman his father. Together, Robin and his brand spanking new Bat-Dad, send Joker back to where he belongs—with all the other criminals in the Phantom Zone. Dun. Dun. Dun! This prestige child’s Lego Robin costume doesn’t come with a Bat-Dad but comes with everything needed for a full-blown Lego transformation. Just supply your overzealous spirit and over-the-top enthusiasm to make the most believable Lego Robin the world has ever known and it will be…awesome. PRODUCT DETAILSOfficially licensed, the costume consists of a short-sleeved boxy tunic with a detachable cape that fastens via two hook and loop type fasteners and coordinating pants with a comfy elastic waistband. A pair of shoe covers creates the typical blockish Lego feet and the u-shaped gloves give you the unique (and clearly impractical) Lego hands. Finally, a plastic mask recreates Robin’s cartoonish look and fastens around the head with a stretchy elastic string. ARE YOU MY DADDY?Here’s a Pro Tip from yours truly: plead with your pops to dress in the officially licensed Lego Batman costume. Why? Because it would be an epically awesome kid/dad costume for Halloween and something tells us he won’t mind trading in his President Business suit for an intimidating Lego Batman costume, complete with cape!

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