Beauty & the Beast Belle’s Dress Up Accessory Set for Kids


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Remember the first time you saw Belle swish down the stairs in that gorgeous golden gown? We sure do! We loved everything about it from the off the shoulder gown and the layers of golden skirt. Also, we’d love to walk down a marble staircase no matter what it takes. Will someone in the aristocracy let us onto their fancy staircase just once? You don’t even need to own talking furniture, we just want to swish down a grand staircase!When your little one is going to a ball in the castle, her look is all about the details. Madame de La Grande Bouche simply doesn’t allow for anything else. This licensed jewelry set includes two gold feather combs, a gold tree necklace, and clip-on rose earrings. The combs and necklace are studded with rhinestones. Match it up with one of our gold gowns and gold gloves to make your little one’s look complete.

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