Beetle Babe Women’s Costume


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It’s Showtime!Scaring living people out of their homes isn’t easy for every ghost. Some ghosts are simply stuck with annoying souls that constantly remodel and have people over. These ghosts rely on subtle classics like slamming doors and stomping in the attic. Tactics that can easily be explained away by drafts and animals nesting in the roof. If you don’t ramp up to visuals and possession then you simply don’t have a chance. And really, that’s where you come in when you step into Beetle Babe mode. You’re just here to be helpful. You’ll teach those new ghosts how to howl, and shake chains, and pop up in the perfect jump scare. You’ll teach them about showing up in the window, just as potential buyers are pulling up to the house. About moaning in the basement. About leaving bloody footsteps that lead to a crawl space the living person didn’t even know was there. You know all about scaring the living to bits. So go ahead, put on your ghostly uniform, and do what you do best!Product DetailsThis striped costume will instantly turn you into one of the most popular undying demons out there! The look features a short-sleeved jacket with a ruffled peplum that jives with your green and purple color scheme. The attached shirt front and sparkly tie add another pop of color for your ghoulish look. The costume is finished off with short striped shorts and an umbrella headband to make your strange and styling look pop at first glance.Be All You Can BeetleAre you ready to get into character? This is a costume you can really have fun with! Get crazy with your makeup by adding a strange mossy texture to your complexion. Top your look off with a wiry gray wig. Go wild, after all, you only after live once!

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