Beetlejuice 3/4 Mask w/ Hair for Adults


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Hey, are you moving into a new home? Here’s a word of advice. If a book titled, “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” shows up on your coffee table read in thoroughly before taking any action. If you simply skip around the text you might end up with a creepy demon as a houseguest. If Cliff Notes are just your way, let us give you the low down. When the new family moves into your home, don’t call on Beetlejuice to do your bidding. That usually ends with sandworms and afterlife red tape. It’s much safer to scare the daylights out of them by dressing up as the famous “ghost with the most”. After that, it’s time to marry Lydia and get your life back in order.This mask is instantly recognizable as the rude and creepy demon from the classic Tim Burton flick, Beetlejuice. It has generous eye holes and a disturbingly realistic soft molded face. You’re sure to impress those Halloween party revelers especially if you work on your rendition of the Banana Boat Song.

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