Black Berzerker Nightbreed Mask

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Monsters are EverywhereHow many times do you wonder who is actually around you? Do you ever feel like you’re in a creepy world where the faces you look at are just a bit… off? Well, then we just have one very important question for you. What does the name Midian mean to you!? Does it make you remember any strange dreams? Have you perhaps run into a few people that make you feel like you’re in a Clive Barker movie? Well, if any of that rings a bell, you might be in for a truly monstrous time! Product DetailsGet your monster on in the creepiest way imaginable with this Nightbreed Black Berserker Mask. This latex mask covers your entire head and will transform you into one of the characters of the strangest monster movie out there. The mask has a rippled, black texture that makes it seem just a little wet while the scraggly faux hair shows that this Berserker has seen a few things in the underbelly of the city of monsters. Slits in the eyes allow for limited vision but, don’t worry, the terrifying-looking mouth won’t actually make you hunger for blood. The Mask You WearIt turns out that most monsters have to take off a mask to relax. This Nightbreed Mask will have you feeling like you belong right alongside the rest of the creepy creatures out there!

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