Black Dragon Half Mask


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The Goofier the BetterAs captivated by a fearsome dragon as everyone gets, the real favorites are the goofball dragons. Dragons that sing in the shower and make friends with orphans, like Pete the Dragon. People want to meet the likes of a dragon that must prove they aren’t lizards. They want to meet dragons that write poetry instead of scourging the countryside. Dragons that live by the sea and frolic in the Autumn mists like Puff the Magic Dragon. The dopey dragons earn our hearts and make us clamor for their return to the wild and become more than fantasy.Product DetailsInstead of dressing as a fire-breathing monster this Halloween, join the ranks of Puff and Pete with this Black Dragon Mask. With happy yellow eyes and soft-sculpted teeth, your toothy grin will spread through any costume party you enter. You’ll transform into a jovial dragon with this lightweight mask that covers your face but leaves your vision clear for watching the delighted faces of your new admirers. Just look at the goofy grin on this mask’s face; it’s ready to make everyone fans of a friendly dragon!Big SoftyCaves full of treasure sound nice, but the risk of invading robbers and pesky knights sent to slay the dragon outweigh the luxury. Skip the danger of being hunted and become a gentle giant that puts even a stuffed toy to shame with this Black Dragon Half Mask!

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