Black Fly Costume Child

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Trash or Treasure!Ladies and Gentleman, step right up to the newest game in town. Trash or Treasure! It’s a game that’s full of mystery, chance, and intrigue. All you have to do it slip your hand into this greasy paper bag. Now, take a guess. Alright, ma’am, is what you’re feeling trash or treasure? Say it out loud. “Trash”, you say? Let’s see, pull it out of the bag! Ah, a moldy orange! That, ladies and gentlemen, might seem like trash to you but to this young and hungry fly that’s a treasure. Step right up, young fly and claim your prize. Alright, who’s next? Anyone? Come on! Anyone? Does no one want to stick their hand into our next greasy mystery bag? All right then, your loss, our young fly’s gain. Looks like it’s your lucky day little fly guy. Details & DesignAre boring Halloween costume ideas bugging you? They’ll bug you no longer thanks to our creative and admittedly weird design team. They’ve put together this Made by Us fly costume with a balance of silliness and comfort in mind. The tunic has a fuzzy texture and a bubble shape, much like a fly’s torso. It connects to a soft hood with eerie fly eyes and antennae attached. Irridescent fly wings complete the look, making your kiddo ready to bug the neighbors for their Halloween treats. Swat TeamKids with a sense of humor are sure to love this look but upping the ante is easy when it comes to the fly theme. Have a couple of kids on your hands? A photoshoot with one sibling dressed as a spider while the other innocently flits about as a fly is sure to be hilarious. With a costume that’s this much fun, your Halloween antics will be the buzz of the neighborhood!

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