Black Lagoon Kids Creature Costume


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The Most Dangerous DipIn this modern age, it can be difficult to find a paradise that has been untouched by man’s influence. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go swimming somewhere that hasn’t been dotted with hotels and juice stands? Well, actually, we have no quarrel with juice but you catch our drift, right? The problem is if you do truly discover an untouched paradise or. . . a lagoon lets say, you never know what you might find in those untouched waters. Water can hide plenty of dangers. There might be leaches, there might be slimy tendrils of seaweed that make grabs for your ankle. Or, that thing grabbing your ankle? It could be a creature from the very Black Lagoon you’re swimming in!Product DetailsNow your child can become the misunderstood creature of the Black Lagoon with this intricately printed scales and gills. The sleeves fall over your child’s hands in dangerous looking claws. The same goes for the pants, they fall over whatever shoes your child feels most comfortable in. The feet have some serious claws as well. Top off the whole look with the gill-man mask. He’s got a fish life face with fins on the sides and a slot for breathing in the red mouth and holes for sight. One sight of this creature and that secret swimming spot in town will be safe for a whole generation!An Opening to Aquatic AdventureWhen your child is playing around in this swamp monster costume, they’ll be living a classic story that was an instant hit in the 1950’s. Not only will this be great for Halloween, it will also be awesome for Monster birthday parties or even oceanic themed events! And while this creature might scare folks out of the lagoon, you know that he’s simply a misunderstood creature, not a monster. So, let him into your fold and maybe he’ll let you in on the secrets of his lagoon.

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