Black Native American Wig


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Did you know that you can use math to tell the shape of a ponytail just by examining some stray hairs? Well, maybe not you personally, but scientists who understand this sort of thing? It’s called the Ponytail Equation, and it looks at the length and curve of individual hairs to figure out the effects of gravity and pressure in producing a complete ponytail.We’re not entirely sure what this wigs Ponytail Equation might be, but we have a pretty good idea of the shape even without pulling out our calculators. The black, synthetic hair forms a thick, shoulder-length braided ponytail in the back, with ribbon at the end of the tail and wrapped around the head. Two long, thin braids hang from the sides, interlaced with ribbon. As a bonus, you can be the life of any costume party when you demonstrate your advanced mathematics to show everyone just what shape your hair is!

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