Blades of Glory Jimmy Wig


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He is a child of privilege. A classic skater definedby elegance, precisionand an ability to endure great pain.Are you ready to take the pairs figure skating world by storm? You might have been permanently banned from singles competition, but there’s not a darn thing stopping you from teaming up with your one-time enemy to compete in the World Winter Sports Games. Well, unless you don’t have your signature Jimmy curl anymore…Any male figure skater worth his blade sharpener is sure to have long locks of hair, because when you’re wearing a spandex figure skating suit, it just wouldn’t look quite right without perfectly groomed man-locks. So, if your own hair isn’t quite long enough or the right color to get the Jimmy curl, don’t fret when you go as Jimmy MacElroy. Just add this Blades of Glory wig to your authentic costume! It’s officially licensed, and has the signature styling of the skating wunderkind. And you’re only going to find it right here at!

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