Blended Two-Tone Long Wavy Women’s Wig


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The days of pledging allegiance to being a blonde, brunette, or a red head are long gone! Now ladies can experiment with all types of crazy colors: whimsical Little Pony pastels, shimmering rose-gold tones, icy white hues, you name the color and it’s perfectly acceptable to have nowadays. But before you turn your kitchen into a hair salon, keep in mind that dyeing your hair is messy…First of all, it will turn your shower into a crime scene (especially if you’re coloring your hair red.) It will stain everything! Your pillowcases and towels will never be the same again. Not to mention, bleach and split ends will definitely become your BFF’s…unfortunately!Before dying your hair to the color of your dreams, you may want to experiment with this blended two-tone wig. You’ll get the trendy hairdo you’ve been craving without the commitment or the mess. We can’t wait to see how awesome two-tone teal hair looks on you, so attach a picture of yourself wearing it in the review section below!

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