Blonde Bob Wig


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Don’t let Krystal’s frosty blonde good looks fool you…not every blonde has to be an ice queen. She may look resplendent and angelic, but underneath that carefully maintained surface…well. Let’s just say that she didn’t change her name from Bobby Sue Dean to Krystle Remington for nothin’. She knew what she wanted out of life…even if it meant leaving the life she didn’t want in the dust to get it!And sure, it might look like she has it easy now, what with the ranch in Boulder, the penthouse in Manhattan, and the beach place in Malibu…but don’t you think for a second she doesn’t know that not a lick of it is really hers. When you’re married to money, all of that cash can disappear in a flash, along with your man. And Krystal knows enough to know to never depend on the kindness of strangers, so she’s got a plan. A real plan…one that will take her straight to top! Power and money and fame…all of it will be hers, and only hers, and no one better try and stop her. Just you watch and see! The only difference between her and her favorite Blonde Bob Wig is, when it comes to Krystal? What you see isn’t always what you get….

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