Blood Splatter Tights for Kids


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The HorrorSo we hear you might have a kid who doesn’t really do sunshine and rainbows. A kid that’s not into glitter, unicorns, and mermaids? Who doesn’t want the happy sing-along? That’s quite alright. We do, however, have a few very important follow-up questions. Does your child relish the macabre? Do they adore the horrific, celebrate the scary, and delight in the dastardly? Well then, your kid is just the kind of kid we’re looking for. Wow, that sounded a whole lot more sinister than we anticipated. We’re not trying to be weird about this or anything, okay? We’re just looking for some kids who might appreciate the kind of spooky, gory stuff we have to offer, like these Kid’s Blood Splatter Tights. These nylon tights have an elastic waistband and come in a one-size-fits-most. The best part? They’re white with what looks like red blood splatters covering them. This means they’re absolutely perfect for the kids want to be zombie-killing princesses, sword-wielding fairies, or butt-kicking ballerinas. Tights like these will definitely make your little horror fan quite happy indeed. Just be happy we added the blood splatters to the tights for them and they didn’t try to decorate themselves…

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